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I have other sports massage therapists and who work with me. All of our massage therapists are fully qualified to work on the general public as well as on professional and amateur athletes. Our sports massage therapists specialise in sports massage and deep tissue for treating muscle soreness and injuries. There are many factors or situations that have an impact on the body, including stress, grief and loss, trauma, lack of exercise, type of diet, recovery from surgery or injuries for instance. Massage therapy can assist the body in its healing process. Our therapists can provide the treatment that is best for you based on your situation, whether it is sports massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, Swedish massage, or Senior Massage.

Founder of Jodi Romaker Massage Therapy and Founder and past President of Orion Institute 
Jodi graduated from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona in 1989. While in Tucson, she worked at five star resorts and worked with professional golfers and football teams. Her sports massage experience has included the International Weightlifting Championships, the International Judo Championships, and professional Golf Tournaments. As the touring manager of a dance troupe, Jodi followed the company to New York City where her massage therapy practice focused on performing artists such as actors, professional musicians, and professional dancers.  
Jodi left New York City to work on a five star cruise ship as Massage Therapist and Spa Manager. While aboard ship, she had the opportunity to work with professional basketball players, sponsors of the Barcelona Olympics and cruises of celebrities. After almost 2 years aboard ship, Jodi then backpacked around the world for 6 months while exploring various body/mind therapies and philosophies in other countries.  
Since 1992, Jodi began to focus more on sports and accident-related injuries and physical rehabilitation through the referrals of physicians. She also performed corporate chair massages for corporations, including Jeep/Daimler Chrysler. Her massage practice in the USA has included working with psychologists on patients recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addictions, and grief/loss. In 1992 she co-founded a company called Back to Back, which employed and managed several massage therapists. 
In 1997, Ms. Romaker founded Orion Institute(formerly known as Healing Arts Institute), a nationally accredited Title IV school for allied healthcare such as Advanced Massage Therapy and Medical Assisting. Jodi's continued professional development is vast and has included studies in myofascial release, LaStone Therapy, Dr. Vodder's Lymphatic Drainage, hydrotherapy, advanced sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, positional release, Trigger point therapy, reflexology, Indian Head Massage, and a certification in aromatherapy to name a few. Jodi also has several years of teaching experience and curriculum development.
Her experience has included working with many types of individuals, including cancer patients, elderly persons, children, physically challenged individuals, athletes, people with emotional disorders, recovering addicts, patients recovering from accidents and/or traumas and working on injured animals (specifically dogs recovering from intervertebral disc disease).
In 1993, Ms. Romaker received her National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and became licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio. After studying at Wittenberg University and the Ohio State University, she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Supervision from the University of Toledo.

Jodi has experience teaching various massage therapy courses and serves as a Board member for Orion Institute in the USA. She currently teaches massage therapy training courses for beginners as well as advanced massage training for massage therapists.


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